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In Nigeria, farmers preserving their produce has been a major challenge because of lack of storage, transportation causing farmers to lose 50% of their produce and this cause both food wastage and it also   degrade the environment.  After seeing the problems we started working on intervention that will assist small  farmers , we talked to them  about working with us because we have a solution that can help everyone in the field of farming, this is where technology comes in.

Secondly huge cause of food waste again is grocers discarding unsold produce due to its expiry date.

We are looking at two areas of waste reduction. One is from the farmers and from supermarkets


Chiblenders Green has developed innovative technology and process that will work for both grocery stores and farmers.

How it works

Farmers will upload their location, what they farm, is it organic or traditional, the time they plant and time for harvest. This helps to know when to knock at the farmers door because buyers knows the exact time to make arrangement to purchase the farmers produce, this will help tackle the problem of storage, transportation and food waste . For farmers offline we are working towards introducing phone call and SMS services.

Secondly, we also work with supermarkets because most of the food waste come from retail of grocery we want our intervention to be sustainable. The supermarkets that will work with us will upload their profile and alert us anytime their produce is nearing expiry date. Arrangement will be made to transfer the produce to any close processing facility. That is why we tackle both farmers and grocery stores problem in other to create almost zero percent of waste in fruits and veggies through manufacturing to powder for longer shelf life.

How we operate

Chiblenders Green use standard local processing facility to achieve our goal.

This will help save on infrastructure and also give everyone opportunity to join us and replicate same model anywhere in the world.


Is to create a world where food excesses will be converted to powdered food with longer shelf life for human   and food for plants as regard to fertilizer


Chiblenders Green is a trademark of Young Talent Discovery Project (YTDP) sister company of Icon Continental Nig Ltd a non-profit organization registered in Nigeria in 2007. The organization focused on the Discovery of Young talent in the areas of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Entrepreneur studies.
YTDP have collaborated with United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO Nigeria) in 2009 to organization a National youth contests/Conference Titled : Science and Technology key to National Development.
We have also collaborated with several government agencies in the Discovery of talent in all ramifications. YTDP represented Nigeria in European Union Contests for Young Scientists in Copenhagen in 2008.
Funding happens to be one of the obstacle holding the organization from achieving it’s goal.

Chiblenders Green was born because of three important reasons.

I suffered from high blood pressure, Sugar issue etc for about 11 years from 2007- 2018, but I don’t like taking drugs i started taking our local veggies, fruits and spices it helped to reduce my headache, anemia, insomia, BP even spike in my blood Sugar. This helped me to live a normal life.

I decided to venture in to Social Enterprise to help others too to live a healthier life by using plant based products to manage their health issues instead of drugs. By venturing in to this it will also help to generate fund to continue to run Young Talent Discovery Project activities ,we have young people on scholarship , including our annual contest/ conference .
Fund is key to continue with our work. Getting support has been an obstacle for us.

Looking inward become the only option. Chiblenders Green was born in other for our project to have life in abundance.
Venturing in to Social Enterprise was the only option.

Third reason for this project , one faithful evening a man walked into our office I was outside discussing with some people ,he met the receptionist asked to see my husband unfortunately he wasn’t on sit,he was directed to me. The man came to me crying that there was no food in his house, that his children had been crying for food since the previous day that he couldn’t stand it anymore. It was in the process I learnt he was a security guard working for a lady in the street where our office is located. The story was that the lady travelled for sometime without paying so the man was stranded . My house was about 300 meters from the office I went home packed some food stuff including fresh produce that would have spoiled if I had not given it to the man, I also gave him a token . The way the man thanked me brought tears to my eyes. I knew there must be a way that people in the community can have access or connect with organizations like supermarkets , grocery stores , individual donation, restaurants, farmers etc that can help cut down on hunger by donating free or discounted food to such person’s that can’t afford it.

The App that will make it a reality will be launch in October 2020.

Abuja based Chiblenders Green is seeking for partnership and funding to help with our product development, to grow our network that will turn aging supermarket produce, excess and ugly farm produce from farmers into powder.

We are working towards zero waste business model.

The idea Is to reduce the waste of excess food by transforming it in to unique, versatile and nutritious product with a longer shelf life that will benefit everyone, everywhere, health wise and the planet which will help in the fight against climate change.



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